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67 Acres Remote Wilderness Hunting Land Diana NY

67 Acres Remote Wilderness Hunting Land Diana NY

Arnoldville Rd, Diana, NY, 13665

Area: 67 acres

4 Bedroom Village Home For Sale on 1 acre Clinton NY

4 Bedroom Village Home For Sale on 1 acre Clinton NY

3910 New St, Clinton, NY 13323, USA

Area: 1 acres

11.8 acres Hunting Land with Building Site Florence NY

11.8 acres Hunting Land with Building Site Florence NY

River rd, Florence, NY 13316

Area: 11.8 acres

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Why Buyers Like Property that Borders State Land

Why Buyers Like Property that Borders State Land

Over the years, I have had many buyers want to own land that borders state lands in NY.  Why is this such a sought after property type?  Folks buying land in the countryside have various motivations and it always comes down to what it is to fulfill their long term vision for land use.

Bonus Land

 Personally, I have always been drawn to lands surrounding or bordered by state forest because state land is basically bonus land for hunting, hiking and most importantly…no neighbors.


Even the country side is developing at a fast pace… Owning land bordering state forests eliminates the fear of someone building next to you. For folks that want seclusion and privacy, there is nothing better.

15 acres bordering State Land on 3 Sides Lorraine NY

Buying a small 5-10 acres next to 5,000 acres of state forest is perfect.  Your tax base is low but you have access to an ocean of woodlands.  All you need is a building site for your cabin and the rest is free land. 

4 Reasons to Owner Finance Your Property

4 Reasons to Owner Finance Your Property

Are you looking to sell your property using owner financing? Owner Financing can seem a little scary as you don’t get all of your money at once, but there are a lot of benefits to it. Owner Financing is when a property owner agrees to accept installment payments directly from the buyer instead of having the buyer get a loan from a bank. Below we go over four ways you benefit from owner financing your property.

66 acre Hunting Land for sale with Owner Financing available in Annsville, NY!

1. It’s an Investment

Investments are the way of the world, and the king of it is one word; interst. Interest. Interest. Interest. While you don’t get all of your money at once with owner financing, you do get a part of it at each installment with interest. That means that by being patient and waiting longer to get your money you end up making more! Plus it’s always great having an extra check roll in every month!

2. Less Red Tape

When buyers are deciding on a property to purchase there are many different factors they have to look at. One of those is financing. Banks and other financial lenders have different qualifications that the buyer and the property have to meet in order for the buyer to receive the loan. Real estate deals cancel all the time because the buyer was unable to get approved or the property failed an inspection.

When dealing with an Owner Financed transactions, sellers don’t have jump through as many hoops to get their property closed. There are no qualifications involved other than whatever ones you want to include. The decision on whether a buyer can purchase your property rests with you, not a bank or credit company.

3. More Buyers

Since there are less buyer qualifications in owner financing deals, there are more buyers. By opening up your property to being able to be purchased by more people, you are creating a larger market for your property.

A larger market means more buyers, and more buyers mean a better sale price and less days on the market!

4. Tax Breaks

In most property transactions after selling your property, you have to report the overall capital gains you made on it. If your property has appreciated a lot since it was originally purchased, then that might be a large sum of money you have to pay on your taxes. This is an issue you don’t have to worry as much about in Owner Financing transactions.

As you are receiving the money for your property in installments when owner financing instead of all at closing, you end up not paying as much in capital gains. After an owner financed transaction is closed you are able to report it as an installment sale which allows you to spread the gain over several years. So instead of paying the taxes on your capital gains all at once, you are able to pay a smaller amount each year.

Upstate NY, One of the BEST Kept Secrets

Upstate NY, One of the BEST Kept Secrets

Upstate NY is one of the BEST kept secrets when it comes to Land Ownership. Resources include timber, strong growing soils, good water, and strong Four-Seasons making for strong investment and recreational resource (hunting, fishing, ATV/snowmobile trails, boating, and more). Owning land in New York is a lifetime of fun!  You are not only buying land in NY, but you are also buying the experience that owning land offers!

Build your getaway/hunting cabin, start your homestead and plant your apple orchard, or buy land for family/recreation outings. The point I am making is to just do it before it is too late. Take a look at a National Land Magazine and notice how all the big recreation states out west are selling land deals for millions of dollars. The market has changed out there and I believe it is heading East. You see prices jump all over the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. At some point in the near future, Upstate NY will be discovered by the masses.

Do not miss your opportunity! You can still purchase quality land in New York for less than what most folks spend on a car. Quality land for a fair price will not last forever.

Technology & Land for Sale

Technology & Land for Sale

We’ve Come a Long Way!

Living in rural areas isn’t just a dream, now with technological innovations, folks are finding ways to live off the land and work out their homes instead of some cramped office building with a two-hour commute.  With today’s technology, buying land has never been easier. Land and Country Properties are purchased through the internet and smartphones more than ever…almost a la carte!

I still believe in the old fashioned way of buying and selling land, with boots on the ground, strong mapping, and understanding local codes and zoning, but it’s easy to understand the recent trends and the reason for them. Time is money. One has to grow with the times or they will be passed by. Today’s technology has dramatically changed the Land and Country home market over the last twenty years. Internet marketing, drones, 2D mapping, digital cameras, easy access to demographics and public record paint a good picture to buyers of what they want before they even step foot on the property. The best part is that with the innovation of smart phone’s people have the ability to text, email or call a real estate agent for more information so they can make a connection immediately and make the right purchase decisions overnight. Information is now at their fingertips!

Times are changing every day and it is fascinating how far we have come. I look forward to seeing the next 20 years and what the future brings!