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10 acre Land and Cabin Near Redfield Reservoir Redfield NY

10 acre Land and Cabin Near Reservoir Redfield NY

12 Maple Ridge Rd, Redfield, NY 13437

Area: 10 acres

2.5 acre Building Lot Oneida County Whitestown NY

2.5 acre Building Lot Oneida County Whitestown NY

County Seat Rd, Whitestown, NY, USA

Area: 2.5 acres

6 acres Tug Hill Home on Snowmobile Trail Williamstown NY

6 acre 4 Bedroom Tug Hill Home Williamstown NY

512 NY-13, Williamstown, NY 13493

Area: 6 acres

Technology & Land for Sale

Technology & Land for Sale

We’ve Come a Long Way!

Living in rural areas isn’t just a dream, now with technological innovations, folks are finding ways to live off the land and work out their homes instead of some cramped office building with a two-hour commute.  With today’s technology, buying land has never been easier. Land and Country Properties are purchased through the internet and smartphones more than ever…almost a la carte!

I still believe in the old fashioned way of buying and selling land, with boots on the ground, strong mapping, and understanding local codes and zoning, but it’s easy to understand the recent trends and the reason for them. Time is money. One has to grow with the times or they will be passed by. Today’s technology has dramatically changed the Land and Country home market over the last twenty years. Internet marketing, drones, 2D mapping, digital cameras, easy access to demographics and public record paint a good picture to buyers of what they want before they even step foot on the property. The best part is that with the innovation of smart phone’s people have the ability to text, email or call a real estate agent for more information so they can make a connection immediately and make the right purchase decisions overnight. Information is now at their fingertips!

Times are changing every day and it is fascinating how far we have come. I look forward to seeing the next 20 years and what the future brings!

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